Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions?

If you occasionally ask yourself similar questions, then the book "People, God & Religion" is for you. This thought-provoking book explores these questions in depth, and will give you a greater appreciation for God's plan.

Quotes from the book

"Apparently, God understands that heaven can only be a place that would actually be considered heaven if those who are there are there entirely by their own choice, not conquered and dragged there by force. Anyone who is required or compelled to be someplace is generally not happy and would not describe a situation where they are required to be present when they have no desire to be as heavenly."

"Here is where we need to significantly expand Descartes’ axiom; we must now consider that the following is true: I think therefore I am; I always will think therefore I always will be; and I always have thought, therefore I always have been."

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